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Some posts people seemed to like over the years, arranged by category:

A few of my favorites:

Why I Don’t Care if You Like Me

The BEST ADVICE You Can Ever Give Your Kids: Don’t Procreate with a Jackass

The post that Scott Adams of Dilbert tweeted about … [!]
Edited to add: I was excited about that until I realized what a Trumpkin he is. But I’m leaving this post up anyway. It’s not my fault he sucks. 

Building Rituals: The Dilbert Guide to Managing Life

This post was published on and was a featured member post on

Party of Three No Longer: The Early Days of the Blended Family Project

My first piece to appear on Hopefully not my last …

Older Stuff


Owning my Inner Awesomeness

Killing Patty

I’m Tired of Pretending I’m Not Special

Growing skin: A completely disgusting metaphor on healing your life

Here Comes Trouble: Some wisdom from my future self

Life is Not American Idol


Random Randomocity

Thoughts on Jesus from a Hippie Girl at Christmas

Daddy Issues

Am I a Slut? Hell, yeah


Divorce – Going through it

The D-Word. Yeah, That  One

The Heart of the Ocean

The Great Divide


Divorce – the Aftermath

The Giant Man-Baby Phenomenon

Cheating: Can you get away with it?

10 Guidelines for a Peaceful Divorce



Don’t Know Much About Jack

Observe: The Existential Dating Crisis of the Single Momma



Consumed by the Motherhood

Do Men Find Motherhood Sexy?

Open Letter to the Abortion Protestor

Overachieving Mommies: Stop ruining Valentine’s Day for the rest of us


Complete Lunacy

Meet Fanny, my Vagina Fan

Writer on the Rampage! Run for Your Lives!

Just Call me Mrs. Hot Pocket

I Watched the Movie so You Won’t Have to


Body Image

Death by Doughnut

Body Image: a tale of a fry and a potato


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