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I am apparently not a creative genius. Darn.

I thought I invented a word the other day and I was so excited. The word is jackhole. (It’s all class here, folks.)

But I was just catching up on some horrible TV that I DVRed last night (which may or may not have had something to do with the phrase “Real Housewives”) and guess what? Not only did someone say my word, there was an entire segment called “Jackhole of the Week.” I have never watched this show before and I swear I’ve never heard anyone say this word. (Although now I’ll probably get a hundred million emails with people saying that that word has been floating around forever. Keep in mind: I don’t get out much.)

So the question is, was this word just floating around out there in the ether and my brain caught it? I sort of like that idea — that ideas are floating around in the air and we just have to reach out and grab them. That’s my existential take on almost-but-not-quite cursewords.

Some people look for recipes that are kid-friendly. I look for expletives that I can say in the car.

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