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It’s a major award!

This is a picture of a chick zombie (as in "girl," not "poultry.") It's not what I was looking for and I started to look for another one but then I stopped when I remembered something important: I don't give a crap.

This is a quick post that started as a Facebook status update. Then I never stopped typing so I just moved it over here. Which is pretty much why I started blogging in the first place. (BTW, don’t forget to sign up over there ——–> to get my new posts via email.)

So glad I’m to be on the road to recovery. But man, it’s one freakin’ fugly road.

Schlepped around looking like the walking dead to run pre-conference errands this evening.

The house is a DISASTER.

I still have LOTS of work to do before I leave tomorrow night.

And I am beat.

And also: I’m apparently making a pretty strong audition for the WOE IS ME Social Media Award this week.

Feel free to ignore my stinky (yes, take that literally) ass.

Megan went with me to try on clothes and it took her several minutes to stop pointing out how crappy my hair and face looked before she could give me an opinion on the clothes.

“It doesn’t look nice with your hair.”

“I don’t know. Your face doesn’t look right with that.”

Finally I pointed out that nothing was going to look good with my Zombie hair or my Zombie face today. I asked her to stop looking at my head entirely.

From that point on, she was extremely helpful.

So nice to have a chick to shop with.

That is all. Go away now. Nothing to see here (except an unshowered, overtired 40-year old with greasy hair, unforgivable roots and enough baggage under her eyes to rival the junk in her trunk).

I don’t even know if that last bit makes sense. But whatever. I didn’t tell you to read this, did I?

Now go on. ‘Git outta here.

Oh hi there 👋
It’s nice to meet you.

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