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The lonely, lonely storm … and the shoe department

Yesterday I drove away from the warm house where my snuggly-wuggly man was … away from the place where I was supposed to pick up my little munchkins, but a car accident on the main road separated us and the side streets were too icy … away from the center of the road to collide with a curb (twice) while going down a hill … away from all the friends’ neighborhoods where I considered abandoning my car and just friggin’ walking … two and a half hours, counting down slow mile after slow mile, back to my empty house, with no one here to greet me but the empty dog bed and the fresh guilt of giving up trying to take over a troubled pet that was too much trouble for our little family … the silent snow reminding me that for this night only, I would be separated from those I loved … this storm I would endure alone.

And all of that was far more pleasant than the claustrophobic eleven and a half minutes I spent in the girls’ shoe department at Kohl’s tonight. Please … would it kill anyone to make the aisles, like, six inches wider?


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